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Not satisfied with my purchased and service


Not satisfied with my purchased and service


I recently purchased a prepaid phone and service with AT&T on February 6, 2012.  I originally wanted the device on the above link.  I looked at the the informations online over and over to make sure I am not missing anything as far as what is included as far as $50 unlimited everything.  However, when I went into the store at the Fair Oaks Mall, Tacora was my sales lady, I was told that since it is an android phone, I would have to pay an extra $20 a month for 200MB of data.  I was like, well that is not what was said when I looked online.  She said, well you have to pay extra for data because it is an android.  I was not a happy customer.  So I then went ahead and purchase the Pantech


which is not on the AT&T site but was available at a Radio Shack.  I did read into this one as well.  So I bought it thinking I could use it as well.  Well, when I got home and played with it, turns out that it could not play video as I read online. 


So I thought to myself that I would write to AT&T and let them know of my unsatisfactory purchase but I could not even do that because I can't link my account to the site because I have a prepaid.  Wow.....I feel like a minor at this point.  I even called the store and they say I can return it with a 35 dollars restocking fee and I can't get refunded of my service money.  So I thought, I am screwed aren't I.  Well, I tried sticking to these large and main service carriers but I guess no matter where I go, I will get screwed.  Guess I will stick to the prepaid carriers

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Re: Not satisfied with my purchased and service

The $50 Unlimited Everything plan cannot be used with a smartphone.

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Re: Not satisfied with my purchased and service

Sadly I am unable to give Kudos to you point but do understand your dilemma.  Carriers saying one thing and doing another without anyone, including the FCC in my own humble opinion, to ensure that there are adequate checks and balances.

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