Not happy with service


Not happy with service

I ordered an upgrade on-line.  Received it and it didn't work.  Called on a Thursday and was given a RMA number to return the phone and a new one was suppose to be shipped.   Sent the bad one back on Monday, called on Tuesday to see when new phone would arrive and was told the person that gave me the RMA number basically didn't do the right thing so now I have to wait until they receive the return, process it and order a new upgrade.  I think this is crap because I have already been without a phone for a week and now it will probably be another week.  I think I should receive some sort of compensation for being without a phone for 2 weeks.  I have been an at&t customer for alot of years and right now I'm not happy.

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Re: Not happy with service

Can't blame you, but I, not surprised. If you aren't a new member signing up to buy the newest I phone at&t will pretty much treat you like your worthless.

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