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Not able to read bill


Not able to read bill

I am so unhappy with all the AT&T any more. I have been a faithful customer since 1963 .. If you call you are put on hold for hours. and when you do get a human, you get cut off.. then it is another hour until you can get human contact..


My problem now is that my bills are due on line only to open the account to Spanish, I can not read Spanish and I refuse to pay until it is in English. 


Have no idea why all the bills are in Spanish, I have a wireless account, home phone and internet, and a IPad.. No way to get intouch with any one, went to the local wireless store, they are closed. can't email on my account ,, it is in Spanish and I can't read it. The wait on reg. phone is way to long.

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Re: Not able to read bill, top right hand corner theres a tab that says "language", click that and change to English.
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Re: Not able to read bill

The language box on your page probably says "Idioma"...just click that and hit "page in English"
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Re: Not able to read bill

Hi there - sorry you're having this issue. It sounds like you may have accidently switched language preferences. 


As Thatsmyname recommended, you can change it back pretty quickly. Please take a look at the image below for exactly where to click:


If you're seeing Contáctanos AT&T en inglés Otros Idiomas across the top of the page, please click on AT&T en inglés to change the site language back to English. 




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