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Non data plan phone with Wi-Fi


Non data plan phone with Wi-Fi

I'm looking for a phone that doesn't require a data plan. I guess that means it can't be a smart phone. I'd like a phone that has WiFi and can browse the web and check email.


Any ideas? Is there even such a phone available in the US? I've looked briefly on the internet and can't find anything.


PS - I really dislike AT&T's policy about requiring a data plan for smart phones. If I legally buy someone's used phone, I should be able to use it on the carrier's network and only pay for the services I need. If I don't want data access when I'm away from wifi, why should I be required to pay for it?

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Re: Non data plan phone with Wi-Fi

The top carriers require a data plan with smart phones. If you do not like the policy, try a basic phone with a. iPod touch for web. That is the stage of wireless for now.

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Re: Non data plan phone with Wi-Fi

Nope, unfortunately, there are not any feature phones that have Wi-Fi built in that do not require a data plan.

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Re: Non data plan phone with Wi-Fi

If you are willing to spend the money for a non-branded phone, Nokia makes some that have WiFi and aren't considered to be smartphones by at&t (such as a non-branded C3-00 - it's not 3G, but if you don't want to use cellular data that may not be of major importance to you). 


Sony Ericsson may have some newer models as well - for ex., the C905i (it's older now) fit the bill (at&t just removed the Wifi access from their branded firmware on the C905a).

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