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Nokia Mural won't turn on/charge


Nokia Mural won't turn on/charge

I have a Nokia Mural (6750).
I was at work last night when the battery died on me. When I got home and tried to charge it, it didn't work out so well. Every time I plug the charger in, it blinks a red light at me.

I left it charge overnight, but my phone still won't turn on.


No matter how many times I unplug and replug it, it still flashes the red light. I've tried taking the battery out too.

So my questions are...
Is it a problem with the battery, charger, or phone? Is there any way I can fix it?

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Re: Nokia Mural won't turn on/charge

Ok, so i'm replying to my own post. I ended up messing around with it, and I discovered that if I push the cable a certain way, my phone will charge.

It's either an issue with the charger or the port on my phone.

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Re: Nokia Mural won't turn on/charge

I would visit your local at&t store to see if they have a compatible charger you can use to test with.  If you determine the charger is not the issue, then you may want to file a warranty claim if the phone isn't already outside of the warranty coverage period.

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Re: Nokia Mural won't turn on/charge

I have found that dirt gets into the charger connector because there is no cover to keep it out. I suggest you either get a new charger or clean the connector on your old one. AT&T should know this and provide help. It can be difficult to diagnose because the connection can be good enough for the phone to tell you it's being charged when it's really not.

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