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Nokia 900 lumina


Nokia 900 lumina

I have all my email contact set up under Yahoo mail. I bought a Nokia 900 yesterday from At&T but the sales rep at the store could not transfer my contact list to my phone. Is it possible or do I have to put my contacts in another format?

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Re: Nokia 900 lumina

I have my GMail, MSN email and Yahoo! email synced to my phone, but I only see an option to sync contacts from Gmail.


You could try to go through the People app, settings, advanced setup to add your Yahoo! account there to see if you get the option to sync contacts from Yahoo!.  Let us know if this works.

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Re: Nokia 900 lumina

I'm on Exchange Server so I had no problems but I do see where Nokia has a free app called Contacts Transfer  which moves contacts from one phone to another via Bluetooth.

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