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Nokia 900 Signal Loss - Endless Carrier Searching


Nokia 900 Signal Loss - Endless Carrier Searching

I have a Nokia Lumia 900. At home the signal drops to 1-2 bars, fluctuates,  which is understandable. However, sometimes the signal becomes weaker and the phone goes into searching mode. Sometimes it finds the signal again and reconnects.


When it doesn't find it, it continues to search constantly and of course that means extra battery consumption. What I don't understand is that even when I go out to where the signal strength is 4 bars, it never reconnects and continues to search. Tile says: "Searching"


This morning I've been at work for 5 hours and it's still in "Searching" mode to find the AT&T signal. The only way to stop it from continuing to search endlessly, is to "Poweroff" the phone. Then when it starts again the signal is found.


I've also notice that by putting the phone in "Airplane" mode and taking it out will cause the signal to be detected again and then everything is fine.


Only seems to happen when it totally loses the signal and doesn't find it again within a few minutes.


No it's not the Nokia update as I have all updates to date and received the one about wireless connectivity the day I got the phone.


Are others experiencing this too with signal loss?

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