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No wifi hot spot at AT&T stores??


No wifi hot spot at AT&T stores??

Just a quick comment. Am I the only one who thinks that AT&T stores should be wifi hot spots? Crazy idea huh?
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Re: No wifi hot spot at AT&T stores??

Keep in mind, I am not on the wireless side of the company (nor CSR) but I thought of that before, too.  Maybe, just maybe, it would not makes sense since the main goal at a store is to make sure the phone works on the cellular network and having wifi would interfere with that?  Clearly, any store that also sells U-verse could have wifi, but they choose not to open it up.....just a thought.


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Re: No wifi hot spot at AT&T stores??

There is a store by me, up in Syracuse, that has wifi, they sell all apple merchandise, and yet do all the repairs on the spot and make appointments. But the AT&T store where I got my phone doesn't have wifi, and I still don't understand why. Bit they should have alot more wifi spots at at&t and apple stores.
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Re: No wifi hot spot at AT&T stores??

I completely agree.  One of our local corporate stores gets wifi from the Starbucks next door, but the others don't.  It makes no sense to me.  I had a wifi problem once and could not go into the store  to demonstrate it because there was no wifi available there.  You'd think at least all the corporate stores would have it.  

Our local Verizon stores have wifi...

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