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No signal on iphone 3gs when 3g is enabled


No signal on iphone 3gs when 3g is enabled

I've had this problem for a few months now.  If I have my 3g on I have either no signal or one bar and nobody can call or text me.  If I have 3g off I'll have 4 or 5 bars all the time.  I wanted to take my phone to apple, but the warranty expired.  Does anyone know who I can contact to fix this problem?

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Re: No signal on iphone 3gs when 3g is enabled

What makes you think it is a hardware problem?

Have you tried putting your SIM into another phone to see if the issue follows the SIM?
Have you contacted AT&T to see if they are experiencing network issues in your area?
Are others in your area experiencing problems?

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Re: No signal on iphone 3gs when 3g is enabled

I'd try a corporate store to let them do a lil trouble shooting..

Could easily be the SIM
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Re: No signal on iphone 3gs when 3g is enabled



Ive been experiencing the same issues for a while now. When my 3G is on, i lose all signal (bars and data). When i turn 3G off, I am on Edge and I have signal bars. My wife has a 3GS just like mine, and hers works just fine. I put her sim in my phone, still faced same issue. I got a new sim from AT&T, did not fix the issue. So it's either 1 of 2 things


1. physical problem with my phone - i have done many searches and spoke to phone technicians and haven't seen any other reported issues


2. a setting that must be edited or set in the phone


i've gone to AT&T and Apple. Att had no clue, and apple wanted to swap my phone out for $150 (out of warranty).


I've restored the phone, rebooted, reset network settings, all to no avail.

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