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No sigature required on shipments?????


Re: No signature required on shipments?????

About all you can do is call back and ask to speak with a supervisor........   Drop the air of entitlement and remember you are talking to a low paid frontline CSR, not the President of AT&T.   It might get you better service that way.
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Re: No signature required on shipments?????

I was VERY polite and professional, even AFTER their supervisor started lying to me and blaming the "No SIgnature" problem on FedEx.  Now, I am sure there was some yelling after I sat on the phone with them for FOUR HOURS only to get read the same script over and over and over even by a 2nd level supervisor who thought that maybe I had missed something when I got my US Army commision, MBA, or 12 years of professional experience when she tried to tell me that not even her supervisor had more override / decision making authority / power of any kind than she did.  Hmm, does not sound like much of a boss. Must be nice to get paid more for no more responsibility or work! Obviosuly, I'm skeptical of her claims...
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Re: No signature required on shipments?????

I can understand your frusturation.. I would feel upset too.. Since you have to ship your current phones... You can purchase "gophones' for now. This way you have means of communication. Place your current sim card in the phone..  As for the stolen phones.. Contact att again and ask to speak to a manager again..  Also, Contact the company that placed the phones on your doorstep..

From personal experience, around christmas time one year.. I had purchased something online. had it shipped to my home. I never received it but my tracking record said that it had been dropped off at my doorstep. I had to contact the company who delivered it. From there they started a trouble report to see if it had mistakenly been left at another house.  Mysteriously the package showed up on my doorstep..

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