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No service - ATT gave up on me - Gave me a microcell that doesn't work


No service - ATT gave up on me - Gave me a microcell that doesn't work

I don't know how to start this off. I've never heard of such a nightmare with a company. I just got such a rude email from them, so sorry if this is scattered... I'M FURIOUS!


I've also been  a customer since 2008.


Well the week of Thanksgiving 2010, I moved into a new house in the town I grew up in. Before I decided on the move... I checked ATT's coverage map. I was in the ORANGE (meaning "Good Service") So I moved in. Instantly my phone was searching for signals. I tried everything to get a signal. I ended up having to drive miles down the road for this to work. Strangely... Verizon works fine... EVERYWHERE. PERIOD.


So I can't call them because I have no service, so I have to do all of my complaining via email. I even pleaded to them, what do I do if there's a fire, or if a relative is in need of an ambulance... my phone is my lifeline... what can I do?



So after many emails, which I could tell Att didn't like that very much because they wouldn't answer all my questions on paper. I think this is because then I have everything in writing. Basically, if things got out of hand... I have it all down on paper. My questions were valid and polite. I tried my best to be patient and actually help them out since this is a huge thing everyone is dealing with.  I asked if they can't fix this soon, I need service that works. Can I get out of my ransom fee if I terminate since this is false advertisement on their part. They always ignored that question specifically. They just kept telling me "Sorry for your inconvenience." Wow, it's really hard to copy and paste cute little phrases like that from your playbook.


So they finally start getting back to me. Making me feel like an uneducated peasant everytime I contacted them. I had to go thru all of the lame diagnostics. (Are you holding your phone weird? Try resetting this... let me transfer you... and then having to do all those little things over and over and over, weird it seems like you have a signal) Finally after about a month of this, they escalated this to "Third tier support". Which infact asked them to do from the beginning. I'm not 5, and I work with technology for a living everyday. So after getting bills every month, and having to fight them multiple calls a day to drop them, it's early Febuary. This man from ATT was parked at my house for 4 days that I know of. Tinkering with the towers, driving around, arguing with the crews at the towers. I wont put his name on here because he was so polite and literally told me EVERYTHING I need to know about why this isn't working. So let's pause here and recap....


After almost 3 months, they NOW send a guy out to fix this. He explained that he just got the ticket a week prior from them to come out to my house. So they lied to me about having someone working on it all those months. Let me remind you that I work in freelance and rely on my phone. I've lost a lot of clients and a couple thousand dollars because people thought I was just ignoring their calls. After 2 weeks of the tech guy with the att truck... he got ahold of me personally to help me because he felt bad about the "miscommunication" from our nations "#1 communication company" Ironic huh? He told me I'd have to buy a microcell tower or a booster for $700 and pay if I want my phone to work. Also I forgot to mention that I suggested they throw me a microcell back in late November until they can fix my problem. They said NO NO NO NO, I have to pay $199.00 plus $20.00 a month for service. I already researched this rip off box and it gets terrible reviews. So after 3-4 months, I'm just pleaded and begging on my knees for them to just release me. I even said "Can't we come to a graceful end to this, and just do the right thing?" So 3 months in a row, I got my full bill in the mail, and didn't really use much minutes at all... and they demand I pay for service I did not receive. They're being paid to provide a service that they aren't providing. This should be illegal.




So now it's Febuary 25th, I finally got them after countless emails to give me a microcell for free, since this is their mistake right? They finally do, I set it up... it works... well lets just say I have to be about 10 feet from the box and can't leave the house if I want to make a call. Also, this box uses my internet connection, steals bandwidth, electricity, and it's really ugly to look at. So I wrote them an email "Look, I'm sorry for all of this but if the box doesn't work as advertised... will I now be allowed to leave my contract with no ransom fee?"   I got an email back today, saying they wouldn't waive my monthly bill because I used "some minutes" and texts... so does dropped calls count as minutes used? Most of those minutes were dropped tech calls to them!! They also stated if the microcell doesn't work, I can send that back. BUT if they waive my termination fee, I have to send them my iphone 4 back to them. Now am I wrong, or is that really stupid? Kind of threatening huh? So ATT is threatening me now. PAY UP, WE DON'T CARE, WE LIED, WE COULDN'T FIX IT, and IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT...WELL PAY US! It's like some mob tactics here. So to waive $199 fee, I'll give them my $600 iphone 4? What is happening to this country where monopolies are allowed to run us into the ground like cattle? We're paying premium prices for something that barely works. It's outrageous.


 I think it's unfair that  they breached my contract by misadvertising a coverage map. I want them to take my town off their map since it's misleading to have people sign up for service where it can't work.


I'd post the emails I received on here but I'm scared of being sued or something. The bottom of every email says: 

"The information provided in this e-mail is intended for the view and use of the authorized AT&T subscriber only.  Content may not be shared or relied upon by third parties.  AT&T, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to amend, modify or replace the written content of this message to correct or update answers provided to Subscriber.  No term of Subscriber's Customer Service Agreement is altered, waived, or modified by this message unless expressly agreed by an authorized AT&T representative."


So now they can just reedit their own emails to fix their argument in court. How about just fixing the problem instead of ignoring your consumers. We are the one's who pay all your bills right? Instead of handing people microcells, why don't you actually hire more engineers, and put money into your hardware and set more towers up. It's 2011!


I don't know what to do. I just want out of this contract. I can't be a part of a company that basically tells me to {word filter evasion}  It seems like there is no one to contact to help me. People shouldn't have to be bullied and locked down by marital contracts to a monopoly. It kills competition, and leaves the consumer unprotected.


So far I have:

Contacted the better business bureau, the fcc, and I'm writing a letter to my attorney general.


Who else can I contact? I basically can't afford to pay them a ransom fee to get out, and refuse to.


Also: Does it help that from the beginning I downloaded the "mark my spot" app which sends them diagnostic reports via wifi. Ive been religiously marking my spot almost everyday so they have paper proof of all my complaints.


Just as I'm writing this out. I get a voicemail from ATT. I didn't get the actual phone call because the microcell....well didn't work as advertised. It again stated, that I owe my balance on my bill and I must return my phone to be released from contract. So much for being polite, giving them 4 months to fix this, and just being a good customer. I guess in life you don't get what you pay for.

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Re: No service - ATT gave up on me - Gave me a microcell that doesn't work

31 views and no advice? Cmon

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Re: No service - ATT gave up on me - Gave me a microcell that doesn't work

Honestly, I empathize with your situation; it sounds like you've been through h3ll and back.


But personally, I would have researched the availability of cell service at the new location _ in person _ before I purchased a contract.

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Re: No service - ATT gave up on me - Gave me a microcell that doesn't work

Typical service from ATT, been waiting for them to call me back , shortly they said!!! Been almost a month now. File a complaint with the Public Service Commission against them. They have to respond to that organization in a timely fashion. They also do not like complaints filed to the PSC as the 'BIG DOGS' see this and it reflects badly on them. I am waiting for them to tell me my phone service does not work now. ( Really, I was waiting for your return call! I guess if you can't resolve YOUR problem I will file a complaint with the PSC. ) Hope this helps you out. I hate big companies, no one cares about the little guy, but we do have options and the CEO's hate that.

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Re: No service - ATT gave up on me - Gave me a microcell that doesn't work

Truth. I should've checked in person. I just hate how these people who technically are working for us since we are the ones paying them... promise things and can't live up to them. It's just a shame that lawyers rule the world, and are squeezing the little guy.

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