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No deal on Micro Cell


No deal on Micro Cell

I have At&T for my business lines, cell phones and iPad data.  For 6 years I have gone without AT&T cell signal in my home unless I stand at a window facing West.  Anyway, last week my neighbor told me he had the same problem, complained to AT&T, and presto: they gave him a Micro Cell for $100.  Sounded good to me so I called AT&T.  This week a Micro Cell is $200.  My neighbor received the 50% cut because AT&T was running a "special" when he called.  I  told the service rep that had I known about the "special" I would have given it a try.  Well, he said, the price is now $200.  The good news is that my business lines contract is up in November and my cell phones are off contract so, come November, I will say goodbye to AT&T and they can say goodbye to my $1,200 a month bills.  I know they could care less and that is as good a reason to move on as I need.  Adios AT&T.

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Re: No deal on Micro Cell

Go to an AT&T wireless store (not a reseller) and talk to a manager. Tell him your story, the number of lines you have and your plan to drop AT&T when your contract is up. Tell you want service at home and would like a tree M Cell. They have the authority to give you one. That is how I got mine. I also got a replacement for my sister in law when the M Cell failed after the 12 month guarantee period.

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Re: No deal on Micro Cell

I'll give it a try. Thanks.
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Re: No deal on Micro Cell

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.


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