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No Service on iphone in Tokyo


No Service on iphone in Tokyo

I am in Tokyo Narita airport with my new Iphone and it is showing no service here.  I was told i would have service in Tokyo?  Is there something I need to do to the phone to get it to activate?  I did active international use last week.  

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Re: No Service on iphone in Tokyo

The iPhone will not work in Japan.  The iPhone does not support the 2100mhz frequency that is used in Japan (or Korea). 
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Re: No Service on iphone in Tokyo

Only a few phones will work on the UMTS 2100 mhz network used in Japan (Japan does not use GSM).  The iPhone ain't one of them!

Many people think the "world phone" is literal, and will work anywhere.  This is far from the truth.

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Re: No Service on iphone in Tokyo

Yep...that's a FACT...the iPhone will NOT work in Japan...since there is NO GSM coverage...also North and South Korea does not support the iPhone.

Most all other countries in the Far East are good to go.

So, my question for Steve Jobs and his clonies is...when are they going to put the 2100Mhz stuff into the iPhone so that they corner the Japanese Market with the long awaited iPhone by many Japanese?

I am sure that Apple and ATT are working out the details as I type...

But they would also need to add a LOT more features in the iPhone to be competitive in the Japanese Market...DoCoMo and many others have outstanding phones and PDAs in Japan already. Mating the iPOD 160GB Classic, the iPhone and features from the best phones in the market would be a MUST for them.

Just my two-1/2 cents worth.

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Re: No Service on iphone in Tokyo

I disagree with the prior poster.  An iPhone will theoretically work in North Korea, but this is only in theory  First, the phone would have to be unlocked because North  Korea has no  announced roaming agreements with anyone including China  Second, it is illegal to bring a foreign mobile into North Korea and  you will probably be searched.

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Re: No Service on iphone in Tokyo

Although I did not post the previous to have any confrontations, I only included North and South Korea because that is what shows up on the AT&T webpage if you search which countries the iPhone will work in.

First of all, I do not know whether the iPhone will or will not work in any countries other than the USA and Japan since those are the only countries I have personally verified it in.

Secondly, I will never know whether the iPhone will or will not work in North Korea nor do I need to know whether it will or not since I will never be there. Unless of course I get kidnapped like all of those Japanese did...

In any case, the iPhone is a nice toy, at best and will never be a business tool like so many other PDAs and phones on the market. It works fine in Southern California for me and I DO get "MORE BARS in MORE PLACES" and so as a straight cell phone works good enough for me. Plus I love playing iSlot on it, listening to MY music and watching MY movies on it.

Now, that's my 3-1/2 cents worth...

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Re: No Service on iphone in Tokyo

I should have left out the North Korea side stuff. You can probably count on one hand the number of ATT subscribers who visit North Korea.

I hate it when someone plays useless trivia with me and I just did it. Sorry!

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Re: No Service on iphone in Tokyo

No problem. I was only trying to provide first hand info on connection capability of the iPhone. I too should have left the content to the USA and Japan, which as I said was my FIRST-HAND experience.

Just trying to set the record straight since it seems that AT&T and Apple can not be trusted to be 100% straightforward with us.

Now the 32GB iPod Touch is out at WHAT?!?!...$499?!?!? I guess the 64GB and 128GB are coming this year...

Also...just so everyone has the FACTS here for Japan...where I am at right now at my home in Tokyo, the iPhone does work on WiFi that I have set up here. Anotherwords, it will work on any OPEN WiFi's where you can execute "most" Apps that are on your iPhone that require the Internet, including the use of Safari and Mail.

Without getting into the particulars, one App that does not work is LocateMe! because it uses Cell Towers in the USA/Canada (maybe other places where the iPhone (Phone) function does work. Don't know about that.

Hope the above helps those of you that may be travelling to Japan.

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