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No Service on iPhone 3gs


No Service on iPhone 3gs

Hi everyone, I have a really big problem and could use some help. For about 2 weeks now my 3gs has been losing bars and going to no service like once every 30 minutes. Its not jailbroken or anything like that, its regular. I've looked on the internet and read every fix I could find (reseting network connections, switching 3g off, airplane mode) and none of them have worked. The apple store says I'm out of warranty so they can't do anything. Can anyone PLEASE help me!

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Re: No Service on iPhone 3gs

I took the phone apart and attached foil to the antenna. Surprisingly it worked, so if you want, its worth a shot.

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Re: No Service on iPhone 3gs

I am having the same problem.  I have found that with iPhones in the past I always seem to have issues when a new iphone is due to come out.  Coincidence?!  I have been on and off the phone with AT&T and Apple, paid a visit to the ATT store in my area, I went to the nearest Apple store where a kid helping me actually said these words ver baidem "If I {word filter evasion} your phone up out back, then yes we would replace it, but I won't so you won't get a new phone today".  What is wrong with customer service these days where they can actually say the f word!? That kid said I basically have done everything I could. He deleted the apps that were currently running, thats all he did. Att gave me a new sim, I've restored original settings, etc... I've done it all. If anyone has a solution let me know! I have to deal with this for another month and it's back to Sprint to get the htc! 


I also recently had an issue charging!!  Is it ATt's fault?! Ya partially... ATT joined forces with Apple to sell these phones.  Why wouldn't ATT want to keep me as a loyal customer and offer me the iPhone 3gs deal for $49 that they can offer to new customers?!


So fed up!

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Re: No Service on iPhone 3gs

I have had the same problem with mine.  It started after a big storm here.  ATT jerked me around for so long with the "nothing has changed" and "let us send you new simm cards"  till I had run past the apple warranty.  

So i have muddled through with my ATT iphone which works usually in very strong signal areas and have purchased a phone for $30 a month from Walmart for the non-ATT service areas.  Only keeping iphone for calendar, mail, etc. 

Today when I upgraded to ios5, i lost ATT service altogether.  Everything works with wireless.... but absolutely no signal from ATT.  Even In places where I normally have service.  My son's phone and my husband's are both getting service from ATT.  


Should I restore, or just forget the whole thing?



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Re: No Service on iPhone 3gs

I have never been able to sustain good coverage with 3g. I have to remain on 2g while my Verizon friends are all on 3g. I have discussed this with ATT . I can have full bars and still drop calls. 

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Re: No Service on iPhone 3gs


I have the same problem and after seeing 5 apple geniuses and people at AT&T nobody fixed the issue. 

Here is what I did to fix it:
1. Put the phone in airplane mode
2. Turn the phone off.
3. Reboot the phone.
4. After the phone boots quickly go to the settings menu.
5. For a small amount of time a menu called "carriers" shows up.
6. Click on carriers before it disappears! (be quick)
7. In this menu a toggle will say "automatic".
8. Turn this toggle off.
9. The AT&T logo should appear along with bars.

This also corrected the problem I had when I had bars but no service and no AT&T text in the upper left corner.

I'm running os 5.0.1 on an iPhone 4. Non jail broken.

Also I have no data plan with AT&T. Just phone calls and texting.

- mike strip
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