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No SIM Card message


No SIM Card message

I have had my iPad2 for over 8 months; its wifi 3G AT&T; i activated my cellular connection on an as needed basis; havent used my iPad in several months; now am getting a message that says no SIM, removed and reinserted SIM card; no change............pls help as i obviously have no internet connectivity at all...........ty

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Re: No SIM Card message

Have you tried calling? They may have deactivated the line because of no activity. I don't know about personal accounts, but with our corporate account AT&T will shut off some devices that go 90 days without use.

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Re: No SIM Card message

An Unprovisioned SIM will not give a NO SIM indicators just a NO SERVICE indicator. Sometimes the contact nubs inside the sim slot don't make contact with the sim. You can attempt to put a little (VERY little) flex on the module and get a better contact.

Or you can go get another module.

They are free.
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