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No Guarantee If You Pre-Ordered Or Paid

No Guarantee If You Pre-Ordered Or Paid

Just got off the phone with the Apple store, I asked if I pre-ordered would I get my IPhone, she said yes....then I said could I show up anytime to pick it up..and she said's first come first serve even if you paid for it...I said "What if you pre-ordered or reserved and you run out, what happens to those people?"


The answer...


I don't know.


That's just great.

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Re: No Guarantee If You Pre-Ordered Or Paid


josie_glausier wrote:


Josie any new News abouts iphone on 24?


I am going to wait to call them until tomorrow morning.  My funds are still 'pending' through my bank, my order still says 'in progress' on the website and the 800 hotline, I'm just missing that all powerful confirmation email.  I swear, when I get that email, I'm going to do a little dance.  Unless it says 'unfortunately' on any part of the email, then I'll just cry.


Tomorrow morning gives them a full 48 hours from the time my order was processed, and 72 hours from when it was placed.... that's more than adequate for a confirmation email, and it meets their request of "please allow 48 hours for processing" demand on their phone system.  Smiley Happy Wish me luck, warnock, I'll keep you informed, LOL.

FWIW - My pre-order was placed at 06:25 am Eastern time on Tuesday, June 15. My spam filter caught the order confirm on Thursday, June 17 at 10:47 am Eastern. 52 hours & 22 minutes. Not bad, I guess ;-)


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