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No Connection, AirCard 875U


Re: No Connection, AirCard 875U

FWIW, I'm in Cleveland and have had no issues all day.
Maybe the problem is all of us Cavs fans using up the bandwidth watch video replays of King James winning the game late last night. Smiley Very Happy
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Re: No Connection, AirCard 875U

St. Louis
3G service restored around 2:25 PM Central.
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Re: No Connection, AirCard 875U

neal_harmon wrote:

i don't pay $75/mo to hit, or see whqat britney did today - i use it for my (keep it courteous) job, which i hopefully won't be fired from because i missed soomething

Don't worry about missing the daily Britney sig alert. Same ole same ole. Smiley Tongue

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