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Nitro connection problem


Nitro connection problem

I am on my 2nd Nitro because of the internet issue. I have missed several important business emails because the phone disconnects from the internet every half hour to 45 minutes on it's own. It is incredibly frustrating and costing me business. I have sent emails to ATT, called tech support (which was worthless) and went back to the ATT store that sold me this thing. They replaced the similar card the first time which didn't correct it. When I went back they gave me another Nitro (after attempting to charge me a $35 restocking fee!). They also told me that they were not aware of any issues like this with the phone. Now I see that is obviously not true. I have never been so dissatisfied with a phone! Ironically I went into the store intending to get an Atrix2 and switched to this phone at the advice of the salesperson. What a mistake! I have been a very loyal ATT customer for years now and have never been treated so poorly. However if this is how they intend to conduct business I am going to have to make some changes. Good luck to other Nitro owners! This sucks!

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