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Nine Days in Canada


Nine Days in Canada

I will be in Canada only nine days and don't know if I need to buy an International plan.  I will not be using the phone but like my apps and would like to use the Data part.  I don't use too much.  For this month, I have used 77 MB with 10 days left in the month.  So, would I be better off spending the $24.95 for the Data Plan or just use the phone without it.  Does this make sense?  I know I can turn the phone off with Airplane Mode but I would like to be able to get emails, etc. with WiFi.  Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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Re: Nine Days in Canada

You can use wifi in airplane mode.
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Re: Nine Days in Canada

Yes, I know I can use WiFi in airplane mode but does this cost anything extra?  Do I need the International Canada Data Plan?  I guess what I am asking is there a difference between Data download and WiFi?  Boy, I feel dumb!

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Re: Nine Days in Canada

WIFI does not use cellular data and therefore is not charged by at&t.  When your device is in airplane mode you will not use cellular data and this is the best way to avoid being charged.  Also make sure you have the default setting for data roaming left in the off position in case you turn off airplane mode while outside the US.


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