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Nexus One Face Plant


Nexus One Face Plant

So with my tough case still en route, my phone got over anxious and jumped over the fence and fell probly 15' glass side down on to concrete. I looked around and discovered that I can get a new screen for $80+shipping, and I saw a few places offering to repair it for $130-$200 PLUS shipping BOTH ways.


My phone is only a week or so old so my Square Trade Accidental Coverage does not kick in (30 delay on that), so I called Google up to see what options they offer, and they of course hand me off to HTC. Hand off went very smoothly, and I got "Lisa" at HTC. She told me that if my personal diagnoses is correct (only the glass is damaged, the phone still works 100% perfectly, even the touch screen), that it will be $115 TOTAL including shipping/taxes to fix, and my warranty will stay valid. 

Soooo I could pay someone else A LOT MORE to fix it and void my warranty, or have it done by HTC for cheaper... and keep my warranty... hmm let me think on that a bit LOL. Even if I fixed it my self it run me almost as much and void my warranty. 
So its going back to HTC on Tuesday when my local FedEx dudes are re-open. 

Oh, it took this picutre on the way down LOL




Here is a shot of the damage...



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Re: Nexus One Face Plant


VydorScope wrote:

Well I can definitely say the Case-Mate tough case seems like a great case. I have test dropped it a few times and it seems a lot a safer. 

LOL...use the damaged N1 for testing...good idea!


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Re: Nexus One Face Plant

WEll update, I handed the phone to Fedex yesterday morning. Fedex delievered it to "Sue" at HTC at about 930am today. At 1:07pm they sent me an email saying they completed their diagnostic and determined the screen was broken. They issued me 2 options... 


1) Do nothing, they send the phone back and bill me $28 for diagnostic

2) Pay $115 and they fix the phone and send it back to me. 


They are covering FedEx shipping in both directions as part of this. So I told them to fix it (duh, why you think I sent it it? LOL) to day at 130pm. I'll update again when they ship so that everyone can see how slow/fast/great/bad this turns out... 

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Re: Nexus One Face Plant

I could have given you that diagnosis for free, lol.

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Re: Nexus One Face Plant

Just received notification from Fedex that my Nexus one is on its way back, standard overnight shipping!!!

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Re: Nexus One Face Plant

Somewhat off topic...but not totally


Charge port on my N1 started acting goofy...had to wiggle the charge plug a little to get the charge cycle going, with 3 different chargers.


Called Google support, they handed me to HTC after some troubleshooting.


HTC took my CC info and sent me another phone. I get the new phone, after being on for about 10 mins it rebooted itself. I shrugged it off thinking maybe an update occurred while I wasn't looking. The next day, I took it from my pocket, it was off. I again shrugged it off thinking I might have accidentally turned it off. Would be kind of hard to do accidentally, but possible.

A little later I was surfing with the N1, it rebooted as it was loading phonedogs website. Now its all coming together...the original reboot and it being off in my pocket. Over the next day, the auto-reboots came more and more often. I called Google back, he had me factory reset it, as it was rebooting after the reset, it auto-booted again, with the rep on the phone. He sends me to HTC, HTC starts to process another exchange, then tells me he can't do another swap until the original ticket clears. I was somewhat miffed. But, what could I do. I even offered to let them put another $529 hold on my card, on top of the current one. I had just sent the original phone back that day, which was Monday. Today, the ticket finally cleared, another phone should be on its way, although, I haven't received tracking info, so I probably wont see it till Monday. Meanwhile, I went to AT&T and used an upgrade to get a phone to hold me over...a Palm Pre Plus. WebOS is cool, but the phone is slllooooww compared to the N1.


Here's hoping N1 #3 is a good one!

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Re: Nexus One Face Plant


street_peddler wrote:

i think there was foul play. i think apple hired a hitman to take out your google device

There is no way you can prove my whereabouts at the time of the "accident" Smiley Wink


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Re: Nexus One Face Plant

Its back! 


It is the same phone, cause the MAC address is the same, but it looks like they must have replaced the entire outer case cause the nicks from the fall are gone! Job very well done, done fast, and with out any hassle!

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