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Newly purchased unlocked iPhone


Newly purchased unlocked iPhone

Good day,


I recently bought a white unlocked iPhone 4g from an apple store nearby me. I was wondering if I could get a really simple plan, no  contract, for my phone. I only live in the US for 4 months at a time, and I really don't need to shell out a lot of money for a contract from AT&T that I would hardly use. 


Thank you

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Re: Newly purchased unlocked iPhone

If you already have a decent US credit rating, you should have no problems going into an AT&T store to sign-up for an account on a month-to-month basis (just as many customers remain after their contract expires).  Expect that you will pay around $80-100 a month for that account.  I think it comes out to about $50-60 a month for the lowest monthly voice plan (around 500 miutes), $25 a month for a 2GB smart phone data plan, $10-20 a mnth for text messages, and then the misc. surcharges and taxes.  My account generally runs about $90 per month after corporate employee discounts.


If you don't have a good US credit rating, you can expect AT&T to want a security deposit from you before offering you service.  I have heard many international folks come in and be told they will have to pay a $500 securiry deposit to get service from AT&T simply because they do not have a credit history in the US.

Jerry B.


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Re: Newly purchased unlocked iPhone

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Re: Newly purchased unlocked iPhone

macowner wrote:

I meant one of these:

No the iphone is still not eligble for a go-phone plan

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Re: Newly purchased unlocked iPhone

Given that you will not be under contact, getting a standard plan that you can cancel at any time is not going to be problem.  You may need to pay a deposit on the account that will be fully refundable less any outstanding service fees.  One thing to remember is that even without a contract, you must have a data plan on any line using a iPhone or other similar smart phones.


For service or support questions including existing order status, call:
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Information on iPhone unlocking can be found here by copying this link into your browser:
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