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New tower in my area...


New tower in my area...

I would like to know, if at& has any future plans to provide service for two newly built towers in my rural area? The service thare is very poor to no service at all.


To whom should I address this issue?




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Re: New tower in my area...

Short of AT&T buying out another provider in your area it's not very likely that new coverage will be added if it is not there already.  Rural areas are hard to cover and if there are not many users to help recover the millions it takes to buy spectrum and build towers the investment becomes difficult to make.  What zip code are you concerned about?

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Re: New tower in my area...

Thanks for the speedy reply DWC1. The zip code is 39356. There is some very spotty coverage in this area. I am approximately 8 miles from Interstate 59 in one direction and about 10 miles from Interstate 59 in another direction, where the coverage is super. 


The town is a tiny little spot on the map, but has these two, newly built towers by SBA Towers. Tower #MS11423-B is located very close to the town (within a 1/4 mile). The second tower #MS11424-B is approximately six miles southwest of this location.  The Alltel carrier which was in this area, was purchased by Verizon and AT&T, but only Verizon operates in this area.


Hope this helps,



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