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New to AT& T

New to AT& T

I ordered a new Iphone on 10/18 and set up to transfer my account from Verizon. I've never had an iphone before. My phone is still showing it is back ordered-which I pretty much expected-but any chance they may be sent out earlier than the 21-28 days?

Thanks so much!!

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Re: New to AT& T

Unfortunately no one here is going to be able to answer that for you.
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Re: New to AT& T

It can be any time. I got my iPhone 4s from the apple store 10/15/11. I did not waste my time on a pre order!! Some people have reported their new iPhone has shipped and some has posted still on back order.

It will come sooner or later. You will like the iPhone?, be patient and it will show up
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Re: New to AT& T

ThanksSmiley Happy

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