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New thing with MEdiaNet?


New thing with MEdiaNet?

I have always been able to get on the MEdiaNet and download ringtones until this week. It now tells me Network not available and tells me to go to Well, when I try to go there it pops up an error and says server not found. Does anyone know what is going on? I can't recieve pictures on my phone anymore either.

Just wanted to know if this is just a temporary error that they are working on, if it is because the(keep it courteous)didn't update my card to an AT&T card when I extended my contract in January or if you now have to buy the MEdiaNet package in order to shop ringtones (which in my opinion would be ridiculous we have to pay for the bandwidth either way.)

And I have a RAZR V3 if that helps, but like I said I have been able to do it on this phone since I got it so I don't think it has anthing to do with the phone capabilities.

Thanks in advance, Beth

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Re: New thing with MEdiaNet?

sounds like the data feature might not be on the acct.  Call customer service and see if its there

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Re: New thing with MEdiaNet?

What is that exactly? LOL, sorry I'm not too tech saavy!
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Re: New thing with MEdiaNet?

Bethanylauryn wrote:
What is that exactly? LOL, sorry I'm not too tech saavy!

Meaning Internet is not set up right on your account or not activate on your account.

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Re: New thing with MEdiaNet?

Hi Beth,

Please let us know when you get this figured out.  I am getting the same message from my wife's V3 when trying to get on MediaNet to download a ringtone that she just bought.
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