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New software Update


New software Update

Why do congratulations! new software update for phone installed. Phone is ready for use always come up after turning phone off, some times it just pops up even while talking on the phone?

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Re: New software Update

So you want us to guess the model of the phone?



Anyway, the only thing I remember this happens is you did an OTA update for Samsung Captivate. That update is rather old (Sept. 2010) and you should be on latest Android 2.2 update anyway. That OTA update is flawed with problems (like large percentage of those did OTA ended up with a bricked phone). That's why the latest update is not OTA. See the sticky thread about how to get 2.2 update for your Captivate. 

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Re: New software Update

Thanks, sorry I forgot samsung captivate, i did the 2.2 update when it first came out.

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