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New palm pixi phone setup

New palm pixi phone setup

I currently have a palm pre and just recently purchased the palm pixi for my son. When we received the pixi and turned the phone on for set up and asked for an email I put my email address, of course that turned off my Palm Pre and loaded everything to the new Palm Pixi. I know have my profile back on my Palm Pre but now when we try to turn on the Palm Pixi it would set up b/c of my email address on the profile. How can I set up the Palm Pixi under a new email address and it recognize it?

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Re: New palm pixi phone setup

I have the same problem and also i cant set up the internet Apn
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Re: New palm pixi phone setup

Don't have one so I don't know for certain but on the HTC Inspire to change the email address from the one originally set up you have to do a full factory reset.  I would assume it's the same sort of situation.

Reset to factory settings and it will wipe the email information off the phone and you can then set it up with a different email.

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