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New Thread for information re: MC Firmware updates


New Thread for information re: MC Firmware updates



Many of you have been following the MC threads for some time. Those that know me know that I have patiently tried to explain some of the issues and have been part of a select group of MC testers which are getting to do field testing on some of the various fixes to some of the MC issues. I have no idea how big this group is but I do know the Jitter fix and range fix have NOT been pushed out yer. They will be part of a fix that includes a couple more updates and will be pushed out once the ATT QA process is complete. Anyone that has worked in a software shop will understand the importance of a QA cycle.


I kind of stopped posting due to the noise level in the forums and some of the simply stupid posts.


I think the mis-information spread in this forum needs to be corrected - and as many have said - word from ATT would go a long way but absent that I will post an occasional update.


I have had two test pushes in the last month that have completly fixed he Jitter issue and have given me extended range on the Microcell presumably by increasing the transmit power of the uint.


I have been in continuous contact with the Microcell Engineering group at ATT Network Engineering for specific tests and follow ups.


Next week, the test group will receive a push that addresses the dropped calls many of us have seen.

Following that (no date given yet) will be a push that addresses the upload data cap and issues with MMS.


I was asked if I had upgraqded my Iphone to 4.1 yet so possibly there is some give and take here between apple and cisco/Att - I did not ask.



Finally - this is is for any of you that are lucky enough to be in the test group. I mentioned to the engineer that I am seeing about 3 to 4 Mb a day of data from the MC even when the phones are idle and associated with my WiFi. I was told this is diagnostic data and will show up on my bill. Because one of my phones is on a limited data plan, Engineering contacted the billing office and had a credit issued for the data usage. I suggest if you are in this test group to monitor this data usage.


Everyone else - once this test and QA cycle is complete and you get these fixes the Microcell works like a charm.


Hang in there


Also filing complaints with the FCC, FTC, etc, etc just will get you aggrevated. It wont get the problem fixed.

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Re: New Thread for information re: MC Firmware updates

The answers to your two questions are no and no.


Those are two recurring gripes voiced by many techno-geek types who spend time on this forum.Smiley Sad

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Re: New Thread for information re: MC Firmware updates

i appreciate the response. thats sucks. oh well i guess having good voice calls is better than nothing. i rather take the voice over the data anytime.

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Re: New Thread for information re: MC Firmware updates

I agree.  With the exception of MMS, any data we use at home is over wifi.  Uploading MMS could sure stand some improvement but the main thing the MicroCell has done for us here on Long Island is allow us to make and receive calls reliably.


It would be interesting to be able to compare notes on firmware versions, and to see when a new version comes along.  But that's not likely to happen and in the mean time, I'm glad to have a MicroCell here.

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Re: New Thread for information re: MC Firmware updates

Will these firmware updates address the issue of the MicroCell needing to be reregistered over and over again. I will as of today have reinstalled and registered my MC 4 times as the unit looses its connectivity to my iPhone and my wife's Nokia phone. I have had the unit since July and so in less than 6 months the unit just disappears from view on our phones. Once I shut it down, reinstall, and register again it works fine for a while.

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Re: New Thread for information re: MC Firmware updates

Well, the Death Star giveth and the Death Star taketh away...


My MCell went down again a few days ago flashing with an "update" I presume and when it came back online I went back to a 56kbps upload cap.  


3G browsing remains more robust than before but MMS is slow again.  The reason 3G browsing matters to me is that when I have guests I add them to my approved list and I'd rather have them able to instantly access data in my house as apposed to fumbling around with wifi setup.  For my own phone I use wifi other than for MCell testing purposes.  


Hope springs eternal that AT&T just pulled the update temporarily and it'll be back soon.  It was delightful while it lasted.


As for call quality since my update vanished into the ether: I can't comment as I haven't made a lot of calls and I've been concurrently having trouble with my ISP that's affecting all of my data-hungry devices, including the MCell.



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Re: New Thread for information re: MC Firmware updates

Drew, what's your ping time? Has that changed with the series of updates that may have been pushed.
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Re: New Thread for information re: MC Firmware updates

Pings have been consistenly miserable...400-600ms.  Before the upgrade/downgrade hokey-pokey though it would sometimes be 15000ms or time out completely.  Now at least it works, though as mentioned my upload speeds are back to 56kbps instead of the 150-250kbps that I was getting for several days.



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