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I am looking for any help that I can get. I am not very phone savy, and about to get my daughter her first phone.  One of the most important features to her is individual text notifications.  She wants something where if her dad sends her a text it will play one sound and if her best friend sends her one it will play another. Any suggestions? I would be very grateful!

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Re: New Phone

as far as I know, no phone has customized text notification for each sender. There may be an application available for download on some of the bettering operating systems that would allow such notifications.
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Re: New Phone

I'm re-thinking it over, too, and I don't seem to recall any such phone that has custom text message ringtones for each individual sender. She can have to ability to add a custom text message ringtone, but it would be the same for all messages from different senders.

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Re: New Phone

Samsung Flight 2 allows for different message tones by contact.  But it doesn't have threaded texting (if that's something she might want).


 I think the Samsung Strive lets you choose message tones by contact and it does have threaded texting.  


Both of those phones are dumbphones and would not require a data plan.  


If you're thinking about a smartphone and data plan the Blackberry Torch has the option to set individual message tones.  It does have threaded texting.


I would suggest going into the store (AT&T corporate store as they usually have the phones up and running) so you can poke around the operating system and check it out.  It's usually found in the contacts or address book section.  While creating or editing contact, you may not see it immediately but if it allows it'll be under "add more fields" or something like that.  


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