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New HTC one X: Data didnt carry over


New HTC one X: Data didnt carry over

I bought 2 new HTC phones since the 2 iPhone we have at home are aging Smiley Sad Received my new HTC One X yesterday and it completely left me in awe. Proceed to transferring the contacts and so on. Activating both phones went smooth. No issues whatsover. Out of curiosity I decided to try checking whether my family data plan carried over to the new phones. 


My family plan is consist of 700mins of voice call, unlimited texting & data. 


Here is the issue: Since I have two phones, when I check the data usage, I received two different reports. One being 0 of Unlimited and one with 570mb of Unlimited (Deactivated). Everything was reasonable except for that "(Deactivated)" message. Any ideas on why this happen? What I could do to reactivate my ultimited plan. 


Thanks in advance.

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Re: New HTC one X: Data didnt carry over

Technically speaking (in AT&T's system) the iPhone data plan is different from the general smartphone data plan.  Your iPhone data plan was deactivated and your smartphone data plan for your new phone was activated.  As long as it still says Unlimited then you should have no issue.

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