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New GoPhone Customer - 3 Concerns


New GoPhone Customer - 3 Concerns

I ported my line and my mom's from Sprint to AT&T GoPhone. I ordered from AT&T's website a couple of days ago and now that I received the email with the tracking numbers from the shipment, I have three concerns:


I ordered an AT&T Avail for my mom, some refurb phone for me I really don't want to use, and I also ordered two $50 cards because I don't think the phones come with any airtime. I received the shipment confirmation email with the tracking numbers and I smell trouble. They shipped the phones and SIM cards but not the airtime cards.


1. So now I won't be able to use our phones because they lack airtime cards, or does AT&T send out a PIN with the purchased airtime upon activation?

2. Will I lose my existing service from Sprint while I wait for possibly backordered airtime cards?


The third concern is about my line. I don't want to use that disposeable refurb phone; I just had to pick the cheapest option since AT&T doesn't sell a SIM-only option. I have an unlocked phone I intend to use and do not want my SIM locked to the refurb. Can I jist ignore the refurb, put the GoPhone SIM on my unlocked phone and activate sercice that way? Thanks for any insight.

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Re: New GoPhone Customer - 3 Concerns

Airtime cards usually ship separately later on than the phones and SIM cards do. You should be getting the cards shortly right after you receive the phones.

I'm not complaetely sure about losing your service from Sprint. If you were in a contract and cancelled it, you would no longer have the service while your number is being ported to AT&T, if I recall correctly.

As far as your phone goes, yes, you can use it in your unlocked phone. The worst case scenario would be that if it was, in fact, locked to the original phone you ordered. But if you call customer service, they will unlock the SIM for you so that you can use it in the phone of your choice.

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Re: New GoPhone Customer - 3 Concerns

I got the phones yesterday though the activation and porting wasn't automatically. Just turning the phones on (as per AT&T's instructions) didn't do ANYTHING but display an error "SIM card not provisioned". Activating on the website did not port my numbers and gave me new numbers so I had to call and talk to the porting department to get everything sorted out.


And I definitely learned my lesson. Never but airtime cards from AT&T's website... EVER! Anyone who wants to buy a new GoPhone should just buy the phone and then buy airtime from the OLAM (account management) site after activating the new phone.

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