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New Billing format - YUK!!!!!!


New Billing format - YUK!!!!!!

Please ATT this new billing format REALLY SUCKS!


Did anyone designing the new format actually consider that some of us need to submit individual account cell numbers for expense reports???????


This is NOT rocket science guys......on the old billing layout ALL the breakdown for an individual cell number ran from start to finish making it easy to submit that info on your expense report.


Now with this NEW billing it is ALL OVER THE PLACE running back and forth left to right, with other cell number information on the same page area.

I mean seriously....whoever designed this MUST have went out of their way to make it confusing....even if you are not trying to submit billing info for an expense report, its hard to make out what line items go with what number when you have a multiple cell phone bill!!!


With the way the NEW bill is now, I have to copy and cut and paste the data from areas of several pages....this is REDICULOUS!!! 



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Re: New Billing format - YUK!!!!!!

The paper bill or the online bill? 

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