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New Atrix system update that I hate!


New Atrix system update that I hate!

I just downloaded an update on my atrix to 4.5.91 that i really don't like.

I preffered the dock and layout and icons of the old version (idk what number) and want to know if there was anyway to get it back? Please help, thanks


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Re: New Atrix system update that I hate!

You cannot go back.  I don't know how it does it or if it is motorola or google/hemorrhoid that does this but when doing an update, something is changed that makes it incompatible to revert to an older version.  Trying to do so will result in an inoperable phone (commonly called a "brick").  It will not be covered under warranty.


There are new user guides for the new OS:







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Re: New Atrix system update that I hate!

It wiped out more than half my contacts; I think everything that had been imported from my old phone, saving only my facebook contacts and new ones that had been created on this phone.  The instruction manual link posted was not helpful; when I tried to follow the instructions to import from my SIM card, it said there were no contacts on my SIM card.  So I guess I will just have to re-enter them all manually. 


I also don't seem to be able to get it to scan for Wi-Fi connections anymore.  The Wi-Fi connection on the Settings menu is always turned off; when I turn it on, nothing happens and after a few minutes it just says "disconnected"  I never get up a network to connect to.


So thanks a lot update people. 

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Re: New Atrix system update that I hate!

I have barely used the new update at all and I already hate it... I mean really hate it... a lot.  This is ugly and much harder to navigate.  Quit trying to improve what was already GREAT!

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Re: New Atrix system update that I hate!

After continuing to use the new interface I have determined that it still sucks. The new version looks less polished and performs poorly with glitches and poor response times in the interactions. Still hate it. I understand updating the OS but why did you have to mess with the front end. If this were the interface on the phone the day I purchased it I would have made a different purchase.
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Re: New Atrix system update that I hate!

This link does not work. Neither does Motorola have a good page to see the user manual. I'm trying to decide what to buy, need to see the manual.
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