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New Android User...Tips & Tricks?


New Android User...Tips & Tricks?

I finally took the plunge and ordered the HTC Inspire today. This will be my first smartphone and first time using Android. Are there any tips or tricks I should keep in mind while I do the initial setup and figure out the phone? Any "be careful, you don't want to do that" landmines I should avoid? Any must-have apps I should get right off the bat? I'll probably use the stock phone for a while and get comfortable with Android before I attempt to root it, but that's definitely something I want to do.


Also, I'm sure the phone wont have the update to allow "unknown sources" apps or the Gingerbread update loaded. What would be the most effective way to trigger those updates?


Thanks for any input.

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Re: New Android User...Tips & Tricks?

For the unknow apps update just talk with the online tech suport, they did a OTA update of mine free of charge and it ony took about 15 minutes for the whole process! As for GB update it was to be released today, but it was pulled back. 

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Re: New Android User...Tips & Tricks?

You can browse through this section of this forum.

You can also check out and their Android 101 articles.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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