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New $25 Plan vs. $0.10 a Minute Plan - Thoughts?


New $25 Plan vs. $0.10 a Minute Plan - Thoughts?

I have had my existing $0.10 a minute rate plan for almost a whole year, now. I enjoy this plan as it is very convenient and fits my calling needs perfectly for a price that I feel is fair.

With the addition of the new $25 per month 250 minutes plan + Unlimited Messaging, I have considered switching from my existing plan to this newer plan. I feel this way because I refill my account monthly with $25 refill cards, so there is absolutely no price difference. Essentially, it seems as though it's a better deal; I'm getting the same unlimited messaging plan I already have and 250 extra minutes per month, which is definitely something I find very attractive and makes it tempting to switch.

Currently, I use around 10 minutes per month, sometimes more, sometimes less. If I could have a 250 minute allowance, I would feel happy to use my phone for calling purposes, considering I feel guilty of using my phone for voice calls, even if the rate is only $0.10 a minute. I would be getting 200 minutes more than I currently do with my existing plan if I were to switch to the new plan.

What makes me want to stay with my current plan is that sometimes I have extra money left over in my account from when I last refilled with $25. If I refill again, I only need to add $15 next time to cover the cost of my unlimited messaging for that month, and I am more than happy to pay less per month for my service ($15 for that month instead of $25). If I switched to the new plan, I would no longer be able to do this. I would have to add $25 each and every month to cover the cost of the plan.

The 250 minutes also DO NOT roll over to the next month, which I discovered much to my surprise yesterday when I called 611 to learn more about the plan details. So, if I do not use many of the 250 minutes I would be allowed, I would feel that I had wasted my money compared to having around $4.00 or so left from using limited voice calls.

So, I am asking you Community members, if you were in my situation, what would you do? Would you keep the current $0.10 a minute plan or switch to the new $25 plan? Right now I am thinking of sticking with my current plan and not switching, but I feel that I should have some extra input to consider before I make my final plan decision.

Your replies are appreciated. Thanks!

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Re: New $25 Plan vs. $0.10 a Minute Plan - Thoughts?

WB! not throwing the Plan vs 10c Minute plan string off topic, but i think Milky-Minutes Mascot will be at the 10/2 debut discussion during the first day of  the new $25/month Plan .... said hes got some special surprises and other guests to be there.. hope we get lots of forum participation and  support that day too!




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Re: New $25 Plan vs. $0.10 a Minute Plan - Thoughts?

@OnlytheShadowKnows wrote:

 Compare your fiscal monthly expenditures with before and after:

    • With the Messaging Feature Package, no Google Voice, and no cellular data feature package:  $20-month anywhere messaging = baseline
    • Without the Messaging Feature Package with Google Voice and 10MB-month cellular data feature package: $5-month = $15-month savings with balance rollover
    • Without the Messaging Feature Package with Google Voice and 100MB-month cellular data feature package: $15-month = $5-month savings with balance rollover
Note that messaging data payloads are infinitesimal as they are simply text payloads with up to 140 charaters each.  10MB for $5-month will more than cover your messaging to-from Google Voice servers when outdoors.  But if you want to go gonzo, and have extra cellular data for other uses outdoors, then get the 100MB-month package.

Just a comment, instead of going with the $15/100MB data package, what you could also do is alternate loading of the $25/500MB and $5/10MB packages. For the same $30 for two months, you get 510MB data instead of just 200MB. Since the $25 load is good for 90 days, you could go Month1: $25/500MB, then Months2-4: $5/10MB. That gives you 530MB data for $40 and you still have $10 leftover you can use for voice.

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