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Network widgets?


Network widgets?

I am new to the Inspire.  On the left most "homepage" there are several widgets/icons/buttons for "Airplane", "Bluetooth", and "Profile".  I think I may have accidentally deleted one or more others.  I think there was one for WiFi and maybe one other.  Does anyone know how to get those back?


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Re: Network widgets?

On the bottom to the right of Phone is the personalize icon (looks like a paint palette and paint brush).  

Click that.  

Click Widget.

Scroll down to Settings and click that.  


From there you can click on any of the icons to add that to your home screen.  Just repeat for each item you want on the screen.

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Re: Network widgets?

You can also long press in the location you want the widget to get the "ADD" menu, then click Widget and to settings and select it to view the available options.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Network widgets?

Thank you.  Works perfect.

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