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Needs some info.


Needs some info.

I would like to know if I upgraded my wireless at a at&t store and got a new phone can I take it back ? And undo my upgrade and get my money back? I bought a smart phone and can`t get any service at my home with it.. Please, someone tell me what to do... Both my husband and daughter have phones and get great service..  they are not smartphones.

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Re: Needs some info.

I ran into the same problem when I got my mom an iPhone.  The signal was too weak inside the house to maintain a call without dropping.  If you have cable or dsl internet you should check into a Microcell.  I got one and have full signal strength in my home.


ATT Microcell



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Re: Needs some info.

You have 30 days to take it back. Your upgrade will be reversed and you will get your money back. If its after 30 days, you can't take it back.
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