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Need to add international data and roaming ASAP


Need to add international data and roaming ASAP

Hi everyone. I have been a long time customer of AT&T Wireless (since before Cingular was Cingular or AT&T). My husband and I each have our personal lines, and I recently (July 13) added a new line to use for work purposes. I will be traveling overseas a variety of times and need to add international roaming and a 50MB data plan to my newest line. After bouncing between various AT&T departments on the phone for over 1 hour, someone told me that I can't add these features until August 14. Why do I need to wait since I have been with the company for ages?? The rep told me that I can call back on August 14 and go through a quick verification process so the features can be added that same day (or I can fax some info over). Has anyone else dealt with this? How quick is this verification process and feature addition?


Thank you.

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Re: Need to add international data and roaming ASAP

I called to have this done while I was in Europe. I did not require verification and the request was put in by customer service right away. However, they told me it might take up to 2 weeks for tech support to turn on the international roaming.


After about 7 days or so I got a message from tech support that they couldn't do it at all. I have a Samsung phone that is listed as supported and has a Cingular logo on it. They claimed they needed some data from Samsung that they couldn't get.


You probably shouldn't make any assumptions about how long anything like this will take, or even about its feasibility at all. Hopefully you'll have better luck than some of us have had.

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Re: Need to add international data and roaming ASAP

I am currently suffering the same fate.  I recently added 2 lines to my service and told the sales rep that one of them would be for my son who is traveling to Australia.  He suggested the World Traveler or World Connect or whatever it's called and said that I should wait until just before my son left, so that I wouldn't be paying for a service I was not yet using.  I've spent hours calling, being transferred, put on hold, e-mails and faxes only to find out I could not get onto that plan.  No one bothered to tell me that my son would not be able to get any service at all outside the U.S. unless I added international roaming.  Only after struggling to find out why his phone would not work was I so informed, but I can't get that service in any event until I've had that line for a minimum of 90 days.  Now they tell me.
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Re: Need to add international data and roaming ASAP

"That line of service,' huh.  I seem to have accidentally avoided that problem earlier that year when I moved my wife's BB 8900 from TMobile to ATT when TMobile started charged for non-email on its international plan.  Here is what happened. 


I learned that ATT was closing its BB International plan imminently and wanted to get one more phone on the plan before it closed.    I called ATT told them to change my data card over to a Blackberry International plan.  They did it the same day.  A couple of days later I got a new SIM for my data card and opened a new account for it.


I wonder if you can activate the international roaming on your old established number and call back in a couple of days and ask if you can swap numbers between the two lines of service.

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