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Need some advice and clarification


Need some advice and clarification

I have been reading the international forum and still have some questions.  I will be travelling to Amsterdam.  I already have international calling set up on my BB Bold.  I will need to be able to use the data and make/receive calls. 


If I use the Wi-Fi option and disable the AT&T network (when I don't need to recieve/make calls), will that count towards my data usage?  It appears that it doesn't, but I would like to clarify.  If I use the AT&T network, and use it as I normally do, is there any reason to expect my MB usage to be different than what it is when I'm in the US?


For calls received if I call CS and have them disable my voicemail, am I charged for unanswered calls?  Finally, if I leave my voicemail operational and someone calls and goes to voicemail, am I charged only for 2 minutes (the minute to my phone and the minute to my voicemail), or if they leave a long message am I double charged for the length of the message?



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Re: Need some advice and clarification

You are not billed for wifi data connections.  Wifi connections run around ATT and directly to RIM.  If you ever have an opportunity to log the connection, you'll notice that it goes to (or something similar).  When you are disconnected from the local carrier, you are not charged (in theory) for voicemail deposits, but the system is not perfect.  I think it is worse than others on this forum, but I think most of us agree that if you jump on and off of a foreign carrier, you are gambling.  If they disable voicemail, you will be charged.  What I'd recommend, however, is to sign up for a free Google Voice invitation.  It takes about a week to get a number.  Once you get the number, call forward your US number to your Google Voice number.  You'll get an e-mail with a quick and dirty transcription of the message together with the WAV file.  
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