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Need help with overseas plan


Need help with overseas plan

I have a family of four and we will be traveling to Italy for 10 days. After talking with ATT rep and reviewing their website, I think I have this figured out but I have a few questions.  Review and critique my ideas....


1.  We plan to turn off Data Roaming and "Fetch" for 3 phones excluding my husband.


2. We will purchase a voice package for all 4 phones at the rate of 5.99  month (about 1.99 prorated) that will enable calls for .99 a minute.  We don't plan to use the phones unless there is a specific nesessity or emergency or if my husband needs to make business calls.


3.  We will purchase a Data Global Add on Pkg for my husband's phone for $49.99 (16.33 prorated) for 125 mb of usage to check company emails.  


4.  We will add a global messaging pkg for each phone $50 for 500 texts (16.66 prorated) to be able to communicate by texting and not using phone.  


My questions are...

1.  How to disable voice mail to not be charged for incoming calls?

2.  Should I just turn of data roaming off on ALL phones and let my husband check email thru wifi?

3.  Do I need to use airplane mode if I turn data roaming and fetch off?  I would like to keep texting enabled throughout the trip.  Then I can just enable wifi.  

4.  I am unsure of how incoming texts are charged thru global messaging.  Their website says " messages received while roaming are chared at pay-per-use rates or deducted from your domestic messaging package."  Does this mean I am not charged for incoming texts?

5.  Can we check emails thru wifi if fetch is turned off?  


Am I way off base?  As you can see, I am not very phone saavy and would appreciate any advice on how to manage all of this.   Thanks in advance for your help!

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Re: Need help with overseas plan

What model of phones do you have?
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Re: Need help with overseas plan

We have 2 blackberries and 2 iphones.  

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Re: Need help with overseas plan

iPhones are the problem. They are difficult to unlock, even under ATT's new rules. Otherwise, I'd recommend buying prepaid SIMs from an Italian provider. Italy has a very inexpensive prepaid cell phone market.
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