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Need help concerning the unlimited prepaid monthly plan ($50)


Need help concerning the unlimited prepaid monthly plan ($50)


I'm not a US resident (live in France) and I'll be on vacation in Seattle in about a week, for 3 weeks.

I'd like to buy a phone plan to be able to call and text, but most importantly, I need unlimited data so that I can use my iPhone 4S (smartphone...) to get directions and that kind of stuff.

I'm a little confused about that unlimited plan, I believe it won't work with my iPhone (well the Internet won't) because it seems that the unlimited data is not supposed to work on smartphones. Am I right?
If I am, can someone please let me know what kind of plan(s) would suit me best and how much it would cost?

Thank you.
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Re: Need help concerning the unlimited prepaid monthly plan ($50)

Oh, I forgot to say that my iPhone is unlocked.
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Re: Need help concerning the unlimited prepaid monthly plan ($50)

Sorry. No unlimited data on AT&T. You could go T-Mobile with their $30 plan with unlimited data (throttled after 5GB) but T-Mo's coverage tends to be worse than AT&T's not to mention you'll only be able to get 2G speeds with your iPhone. If you just need it for navigation, email and simple web browsing though, you really don't need that much data. Back when I still had unlimited data, I was clocking in at just around 500MB - 750MB per month and that's with doing app updates over 3G. Since you don't really have much of a choice, sign up for $25/1GB data. As long as you don't use your phone for streaming music and video, I think 1GB would probably be enough for the duration of your trip. You could always add another data package if you find yourself running out of data. I also suggest you rethink the need for the $50 unlimited plan. The $25 plan gives you 250 minutes worth of calls (over 4 hours) and unlimited messaging. Do you really need more minutes than that? I remember when we went on vacation, we made, perhaps 30 minutes worth of calls. We would just text each other more often than not. The cellphones really were just for coordinating schedules, meeting places and stuff.
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Re: Need help concerning the unlimited prepaid monthly plan ($50)

Thanks for the reply.

I don't really care about the unlimited voice and text. Actually, I think I'd just need about 100 text and maybe 30 minutes of voice calls (or no voice call at all).

It's just that I thought $50 for everything unlimited seemed cheap enough for me (even though I get the same thing for only 15€ in France), but it looks like that data for smartphones is not included.

I have seen the $30 plan offered by T-Mobile before. But for the same reasons you gave, I'm reluctant to get a plan from them. But that $30 plan is exactly what I need, I just wish AT&T offers it as well.

And concerning my data usage, I think I'll need about 1GB. I don't use it that much, but for some reason, my iPhone keeps sensing and receiving data all the time, so I usually end up with more than 1GB used by the end of the month.
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Re: Need help concerning the unlimited prepaid monthly plan ($50)

It's only unlimited data for a feature phone, not a smartphone. The smart phone data packages are on the same go phone plan page, just scroll down. 


You have to mind those stars and symbols by those statements. Unlimited **

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