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Need config help with Cisco 1840 router and 3G Microcell setup


Need config help with Cisco 1840 router and 3G Microcell setup

I was given a 3G Microcell today by senior staff and told make this work. Our building has terrible AT&T cell signal and everyone used iPhones and constantly complain.  Plugged network cable directly into the Cisco 1840 router hwic switch port.  Router gives out DHCP.  

the router is connected to a docs3 comcast business class modem.  the comcast modem is set to do gateway pass through mode and has all the configurations set to off. It has a static ip address provided by comcast.

The Microcell is near a window and the power, internet and gps lights are all solid green.

the signal bar just stays flashing green after hours of being on.

I have unplugged the device power several times and waited awhile and then plugged it back in with the same results.

ATT support says that I am working in a business environment and they don't support that? Which means what?

They don't support businesses?  I was flabbergasted.

The support person was nice and tried to help but was just reading from the users guide, which I have already read several times.  I do computer and network support and this kind of support is laughable.


I can't directly connect the microcell to the comcast modem since it is not providing DHCP.

Since there is no way to direclty configure the microcell with a static ip address ( who's bright idea was that?)

I am left to connect it directly to the Cisco router switch port. 

I am using basic NAT and the ports that are recommeded to be open are showing as open.


The AT&T web site for the device shows the microcell status as having an activation error.

A text message says the device has a 302 error.   Support did not know what a 302 error meant.


This is a product made by Cisco but no clear documentation as to how to setup port settings in there own routers.


I would love to get this working so our staff can use thier cell phones in the building but now I am wondering if spending hours trying various configurations on the router is worth the headache.


thanks for any help.

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Re: Need config help with Cisco 1840 router and 3G Microcell setup page 6 has settings for the router that might need to be set up.
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Re: Need config help with Cisco 1840 router and 3G Microcell setup

I also was getting error 302.  That troubleshooting guide gave me directions on how to adjust my firewall on my router itself....success!

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