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Need MicroCell but refuse to pay $200 for ATT's problems.


Need MicroCell but refuse to pay $200 for ATT's problems.

What do you think about a customer having to pay $200 for a piece of hardware that piggybacks on a home internet connection to fill AT&T service holes?  Esp since most got them free last year.  I have 2 different neighbors that use the microcell and are able to make and take calls in their homes.  The rest of us in this small, rural community have no reception...not  just 1 or 2 bars but nothing; not even texting.  ATT is quick to sell us phones and plans and contracts but not too quick to admit that they don't work here without the extra boost of the microcell.  I am a sub teacher and school bus driver, newly divorced after 30 years so I don't have extra money to toss at mega companys.  I just want to use my phone to talk to other humans while in my home and not have to drive 4 miles to get a signal.  

Thanks for letting me rant.  I feel better!

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Re: Need MicroCell but refuse to pay $200 for ATT's problems.

I hate to say it, but you may be better off leaving at&t. You can get a microcell and get reception in your home, but it would not be a solution when you are in other parts.of.your town. If at&t can't service the town you are in, I think you may be better off with a different carrier.
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Re: Need MicroCell but refuse to pay $200 for ATT's problems.

Go talk to the manager of your local store.  Sometimes they have the ability to do the right thing.  I was not charged for mine due to poor signal in the area.  AT&T should know that they will have a lot of people seeking to get another carrier because they are not fulfilling their end of their legal contract to provide service.  It's worth a try.  AT&T has always been a good company to work with me on problems like this.  We'll see what a week brings, however, as my MCell has stopped working.  Currently I am attempting a reset/reactivate but after seeing other people with problems right after Christmas I wonder if it's a device issue.  I'm set for a trip to the store tomorrow...

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Re: Need MicroCell but refuse to pay $200 for ATT's problems.

I got a free MicroCell as a new AT&T customer.  I had to put it on my card but they credited my account completely for it.  Let me tell you though, the MicroCell isn't what you think.  It has its issues and I had to completely turn off data connection on my phone for it to work right.  With the data connection on, 75% of the time all my outgoing calls would fail and or drop.  

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Re: Need MicroCell but refuse to pay $200 for ATT's problems.

Normally for a store manager to give you a MicroCell, or at least give you credit on your bill, they have to call support and then billing. If you have a "history" of poor, or no, connections, they may give you a MicroCell but will more than likely sell you one at a discount (you pay full price and then they credit the discount back to your bill), that's what they did with me. Why some people flat out get a free MicroCell is still a mystery. There doesn't seem to be any logical processes involved. Your best bet is to call support, state your problem and make sure they note it on your file. That way, if the store manager calls support, no matter who answers they can look up your issue. And be nice. It's hard to do but if you are polite, take notes on who you talk to (make sure they know you are taking notes) you may get what you want or at least something in return for your frustration.

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Re: Need MicroCell but refuse to pay $200 for ATT's problems.

I was extremely nice and explained I've dropped a few calls, despite me being in dark orange coverage zone.  I said I was still under my 30 days and really didn't want to return the phone because I don't want Verizon or Sprint.  The guy then credited my account and I payed for the M-Cell on my credit card.

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