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National roll out starts mid April


National roll out starts mid April

Here is the PR.
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Re: National roll out starts mid April


Bill48105 wrote:

What happens if you power it up in valid location, wait for it to work then move it to new location while keeping it powered up during transport while plugged into UPS battery backup? Smiley Very Happy


routinely the device performs a location check, even without having a power cycle.  Smiley Wink



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Re: National roll out starts mid April

Kinda assumed such but your post said on power up so figured I'd ask Smiley Wink



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Re: National roll out starts mid April

Anyone have an idea when the rest of southwest Montana (besides Missoula) will be authorized for MicroCell? We have a home south of Cameron in the Madison Valley with no AT&T coverage at our property - the cell tower is blocked by a hill. The Verizon version works like a champ but we prefer not to switch off of AT&T. I thought the Alltel purchase was complete (Bozeman, north of us, already has AT&T stores). Anyone have a feel for how long it will take for the company to update the "authorized" zip codes in their systems???
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