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NYC Data Speeds


NYC Data Speeds

Hello all,


I signed up with ATT in March with hesitation due to the bad things I have heard about dropped calls, etc in the NYC area.  Overall voice calls have been great, both in lack of dropped calls and sound quality.  My gripe is data.  I have an iPhone which I absolutely love and its the reason I came over to ATT.  But, the problem is from around Pm-Pm data is so slow or at times even unavailable (it drops the G indicator).   Before or after that time, I get great speed, around 1500-2000 on downloads.  During these peak times, I am lucky to get 200.


What have been your experiences in the NYC area?

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Re: NYC Data Speeds

Congestion, they need to add more capacity which i believe they are doing by adding a 3rd 3g channel.

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