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I added the data package on my phone on March 6 2010, and I never had it before. Now I dont want the data plan no more, and I tried to remove it, the customer rep told me that I can't remove, it's there for good. Im like how, nobody never told me that when I added it. He explain to me the whole thing about the Blackberry phone data plan policy change in SEPTEMBER and I told him that I was NEVER told that if I add the the DATA plan that I can not take it off. (THE REP CHRIS ) {personal info edited} He told me that AT&T automically put the data plan on all smart phones since September, so I CHRIS that I upgraded my phone in May, thats way before September, and I had no data plan because its way to expensive. So I explained to him, that I was never told about if I add the data package that I can not take it off and its NOT FAIR because the rep I spoke to before did not, I mean did not tell nothing what so ever. I promise on everything I love because I dont like to swear, I didnt kno nothing about the changes of the smart phones what so ever. Now, Im stuck with a data plan thats costing me way too much and I do not the data package no more because I barely use it. PLus I wont be able to pay for my bill because it's too high I want the data package off my phone because I had my blackberry last year before all these changes were being made and I had no data plan. CHRIS  {personal info edited} told me to file a complaint because I do not want to pay for the data plan. I dont understand why I should go out of my way to get a phone that is not a smart phone when I had a Blackberry since 2007 with no DATA PLAN and now Im they're forcing me to pay and have it and I can't afford. Thats not fair. Is this how you really treat a customer that has been with the company 9 years with all of the changes of companies from AT&T to Cingular and now back to AT&T. I just want the DATA PLAN to BE OFF MY BLACKBERRY. Thats all Im asking.... What can I do?

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If you no longer want a data plan, and want to remove it, you will need to switch back to a device that doesn't require a data plan.

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