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*NON* AT&T wifi? 8 Days into contract and at OVER HALF of my 3G Plan


*NON* AT&T wifi? 8 Days into contract and at OVER HALF of my 3G Plan

Thinking I may have to go back to Sprint? ...


Was with Sprint for 10+years, unlimited plan so never had to worry about/monitor/restrict using my smartphone whenever I wanted to.


Now on 3G plan, and at only 8 days in I'm at over half my 3G plan, and have hardley watched ANYTHING. For school I watch training videos when commuting back & forth and have done NONE of that so far. Just downloading apps and listening to a handful of podcasts.


Also HORRIFIED to see all the posts about sneaky overages, and $10 bucks for an extra gig, wifi switching on and off...


My question is, is wifi only free thru an AT&T hotspot? My husband has a mobile wifi device that I can use, and my Samsung Galaxy Note recognizes it. The icon up top shows the wifi signal and not the 4G icon, so I *think* it's on wifi now. But on this site I'm only seeing official info from AT&T that there will be no data charges if we use AT&T hotspots.


Is that right? So if I use my own other hotspot then AT&T still makes charges against my data plan? Other than you lucky grandfathered in folks, doesn't AT&T have *any* unlimited plan for people who want to pay for it?


I have 3 weeks to cancel my new contract, but I swear I love this Galaxy Note, and Sprint doesn't seem to carry it.   



Wanna be happy, but I need my friggin' data

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Re: *NON* AT&T wifi? 8 Days into contract and at OVER HALF of my 3G Plan

Of you are on WIFI you are not using the data on your plan, no charge. The reference to the AT&T Hotspots means that if you are some where that AT&T supplies the WIFI hotspot you can login with your account and not have to pay extra to use it. Like you would have to if you did not have a AT&T account.
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