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NOKIA X3 Video manger problem


NOKIA X3 Video manger problem

I have recently got a Nokia X3 and tried to snc it with my laptop, however when i transfered the Video clips I made and existing video that I have edited itsnotshowing me the pics nor video, I can hear the sound though but thats as far as I can get, I tried to change the format settings, bit rate and band but I can seem to get it work, I have used Windows Movie maker as well and a converter but its just giving me a sound whenever I transfer it to X3, in my other devices such us N93its working perfectly fine.


What seems to be the prob??





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Re: NOKIA X3 Video manger problem

Do you mean that the videos won't play on the X3 or your laptop? If its the X3 its prob due to nokia's realplayer crap. My solution if it is the X3 is to install coreplayer. Its dumb you have to install another media player but coreplayer does it's job. It will play pretty much anything despite the format or bitrate or ratio. 

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