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My voice cannot be heard on calls by other party


My voice cannot be heard on calls by other party

I am having a random problem with my GalaxyS.  My voice cannot be heard by the other party, but I can hear theirs.  It doesn't matter whether it is an incoming or outgoing call.  Most of the time if I reboot the phone the problem will fix itself. But not always.  My husband had the same problem with his phone when we first bought them six months ago.  His was under warranty and we sent it back.  However, after we sent it back I noticed there was a fix for the problem.  I cannot find that "fix" now.


This started within the last two days and I noticed someone on another discussion board just started having the same problem within the last couple of days.


I have not dropped or damaged my phone in any way.  I also have not downloaded any new apps.  This problem just appeared.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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