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My microcell drops calls after about 10 minutes


My microcell drops calls after about 10 minutes

I have had a micro cell for just under a year.  After getting it configured, I had problems with dropped calls, especially on my HTC Inspire.  I called and had the microcell exchanged.  Still had the same issues.  I had the Inspire exchanged.  Still had the same problems.  I turned the automatic hand-out setting off.  Still having the same issues.


This happens on all of our phones.  Has anyone solved this sort of problem?


I have made repeated calls to the help desk and to my local store, but they all have me repeat all of the steps I have already taken.


The good news is that my contract ends with AT&T in April, and my wife and kids (separate plan) are no longer under contract, so if we cannot solve, we only have to deal with AT&T for another 9 mos.


Any suggestions would be appreciated

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