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My macrocell is "broken"


My macrocell is "broken"

So my microcell has not been working for a long time now - just been sitting there with the 3G light flashing red. It's been one of those nagging things that I haven't gotten around to. Not like I really enjoy calling AT&T phone support. I tried everything I could online but with no luck.


So today I finally decide to call AT&T about it. After 15 minutes going through the phone tree and on hold I get to a person. He checks and runs some diagnostics and lo and behold "it's broken". I ask for clarification and he can only say that "it's broken". I think "great, they did a firmware update and doorstopped it for me". He says I need to talk to warranty and repairs about it so he sends me off to them. After another 10 minutes on hold and more waiting to make sure that they have tried everything, they agree yep "it's broken".


So, I then ask how do I get it fixed and the answer is "you don't because it's not under warranty". I said it was under warranty when it broke. She said that they could not verify that. I said thet they could because they could see the last time I made a call from it. She said that since I never complained that they would have no way of knowing.


At any rate, I'm not happy because 1) the thing never worked well when it did work, 2) the reason I didn't call was because their tech support is so awful that I couldn't stand the thought of doing it, and 3) they are probably the ones that broke it when their stupid server didn't complete the firmware update.


So, any ideas how I can "fix" my microcell?



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Re: My macrocell is "broken"

Unfortunately you needed to establish a problem ticket with them before your warranty expired. I'm not a fan of the MicroCell by any stretch but a one year warranty is just that, one year. No more. I was able to get two warranty replacements a long time ago while I was still within my year. The blinking red light is one of two things, either the MicroCell is really broken, which is seems that's been established, or it was unable to reset itself after an update and "thinks" its broken. Disconnecting the power for about 5 minutes fixed mine when I got the blinking red light after an update about a year ago. I believe there is also a reset button on the back that may work if you haven't tried that yet.

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